Thursday, 29 December 2016


New Year decoration:

In the New Year decoration we are in the excitement  of entering in a new year. So people are decorate there home and offices in different ways. Every country has  different ideas of decoration. In India the celebration is nature-friendly. Decoration of anything is like to give the award to someone and at the new year time we will face the new year so we will give the award to the last year with the new year decoration in the home and offices. Basically decoration is the color combination and the artistic effect with  the occasion and the positive thinking of the human.
New Year decoration ideas:
When the people are decorate their home and offices they have a happy feeling and feel good and fresh. Because the ideas of decoration are moving towards the positiveness. This positive approach is helps in build the confidence and clear the mind. Due to decoration people can hide their imperfection and impress themselves and other also they get inspired the creativeness of the decoration. The decoration spread the positive attitude towards the people that's why people are decorate the home and the offices in the new year with several emotions and ideas.

There are many ideas for the new year decoration such as:
Light up candles with fragrance in every corner of the home and room, blinking lights are decorates on the walls in the shape of new year alphabets like HAPPY NEW YEAR or in any shape.

Decorate your home with a particular theme and these themes are depends on nature of human and what he/she wants in the future year. decoration with waste material or renew the old things, make the hand crafts. such as 

Cartoon theme - in the cartoon theme every thing in home is decorates in funny ways. This theme is directly connect to the kids. For the kids you can plan this theme of decoration your home.

Artistic theme- in this theme the decoration is the rangoli decoration is include and draw the rangoli on the front of every door and stairs and crafting is also include in the art theme in this theme people are decorates their old or unused material with colorful papers and polythene such as bear bottles, old coffee mug, pen holders etc. 

Inspirational theme- in this theme people set the picture of their ideal persons or inspirational persons so that when they see those picture they will get inspire and full of new energy for the new year.


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