Friday, 18 October 2013

What leads to low morale at work place?

Morale is like petrol, which can drive an organization to a height or feeds the fire with the poor result. When the employee morale suffers then the whole organization situation, get worse. Low morale puts its impact on profits and productivity, which affect organizational objectives. Remember morale is an emotional issue; it can cause an employee to lose interest in their work. They want to have the feeling that they belong and are respected.
Whether the management is busy or not, it should first focus and ensure that employees remain motivated and enriched by their work. They need to feel there is a connection between themselves and management. By setting a good example of work ethic work relationship to improve morale, can help them recognize the importance of their work. Motivate the employees to do their best job to generate great work and tell them that they share a common purpose. Employees should know that organization knows who they are and they are there to help them when needed.
Gain more information about the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. Offer new challenges and opportunities, it could motivate the employees. Make the employee feel that he/she is important and valuable member of the team. Employees need to know their work is recognized and appreciated, which gives them a high spirit to work with dedication. When the employees recognize the importance of their work, then they will automatically stay in touch with their work ethics.
So the moral of the story is to produce a valuable environment for the employee, to generate a satisfactory situation for the organization and employee.
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