Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beware Of Job Search Portal Scams

The online recruiting platform has fundamentally been a way of connecting job seekers and employers in an easiest way possible. As we have seen that, there are many job portals, which have been established for the recruitment service.

But you should also be aware of those fraud job portals that try and collect your personal information and ask you to send money for so and so reason or make purchases for them. As there are many frauds going on every day, as the fake job portals get you to wire money or collect your personal information.

Some fraud job portal trick people into paying money by falsely claiming that job openings are available and for registration you need to pay money. Recently a fraud employment case has occurred in New Delhi. Annu Garg a 26-year-old girl, who was searching for a job, when she got a call and is, told you qualify but you have to pay for registration fee. In addition, the moment she entered her credit card details 35000 was debited from her account. She said that when she got the call from the website, they used the name Naukri Seva, which she misunderstood by
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So it’s an alert call for all those job seekers who are trusting the job portals, which are designed to take advantage of you seeking to find employment online. Your best measure to save yourself from such scams is to do a thorough research on the job portal which you are referring on, to be safe from the job scam.

There are so many free job posting sites, which you can refer for your job search.

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