Monday, 24 November 2014

Students With Foreign Degree Are More Qualified For Jobs

Young Indians who went abroad for their education and those who have the talent are enjoying their time finding the perfect job for them. Studying abroad makes your resume quiet attractive and make you stand out from the others. Foreign universities are wooing Indian students with a bright future, similarly many Indian companies feel that foreign degree students with better skills have the ability to join the top companies. The tempt for foreign degree has made many students look for overseas education.

Educationists and the experts, also suggest foreign universities for higher education. The global perspective is all depends on which kind of course you choose and its impact on the quality of decision-making. Experts also warn students to choose the institution carefully as foreign degree not always fulfill their promise of better job opportunities. The students must analyze the job prospects and then choose their course for further studies in abroad.

British Council India director Rob Lynes said. “Foreign-degree holders appear to be more disposed towards having strong 'technical' skills critical think ing, the ability to use knowledge to solve real world problems. On the other hand, Indian university graduates were found to be relatively stronger on the 'soft' skills, such as working with diverse groups of people, and interpersonal skills.”

While the US leads the way on almost every major skill, the UK is a clear second in terms of communication and inter-personal skills and Germany came close to second along with the UK in most other arenas.

Personally speaking, not every time, your decision of opting for higher studies in abroad will benefit you with good jobs, the decisions on job opportunities, settlement and investment are always a supreme decision.


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