Thursday, 8 October 2015

Growing up Career with NCR JOBS

Though a number of new fields in career are catching the fancy of today’s youngsters, engineering still maintains its status of being a traditional favourite. It offers all the essential ingredients of being a successful area; it is intellectually challenging, in demand in the market and pays well. An engineer has myriad branches to choose from, many of which are relatively new while the rest have established their stronghold through the years. But most importantly, it helps students develop the mind-set and skills for solving problems, an invaluable entity for any organization.

Engineering continues to be one of the most sought-after choices of discipline because of the versatility of options it offers to students. A lot of students today experiment with start-ups and other innovative pursuits while in college and this is encouraged by their professors and the ecosystem. It also helps that parents have traditionally looked at it as the 'safer option'. There are so many success stories, the most recent being that of Sundar Pichai, that inspire students to aim for engineering.

Is engineering in as much of a demand as it used to be? In the past 10 years, the number of engineering colleges in India has grown by about 2.5 times. Approximately 1.5 million engineers graduate each year. However, the industry recognises the importance of quality over the mere number of engineering graduates.

Telecommunications, electronics, computer science and IT disciplines are very popular due to the high demands of the digital age; Traditional branches of engineering, mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, etc., also have substantial demand as India is a growing economy; In addition to this, there are many inter-disciplinary branches of engineering such as aerospace, biotechnology, etc., that are gaining popularity.

A lot of professionals who have become business unit heads. It is a good starting point to work their way up through the ladder and reach the top spot.

Not only does the field offer a good learning curve, it is also popular due to being a ‘respectable’ profession, especially in the Indian context. It has come down to us from our parents and grandparents that becoming an engineer (or a doctor) is the best way to earn respect, fame and money. Also, in a developing country like India where infrastructure was in shambles, what our country most needed was good engineers. Click Here

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