Friday, 15 January 2016

Benefits of Job Site for Fresher in India

Finding a job on your own is a tough task, especially in a country like India where positions are limited, and the applicants are numerous. A Job posting Site in India not only helps the recruiters in finding the ideal candidate for the required position, but it also helps the candidates in finding the various job openings on a single platform.
Benefits of an Online Job Portal
Search Fresher Jobs in India on these online portals and one can realize how beneficial these job sites are especially for a fresher. Job sites benefit not only the candidates looking to get placed but also the companies who are looking to fill their vacant positions with ideal candidates.
Benefits for a Company:
Low-Cost Advertising: Advertising for a job opening was very expensive during the days when there was no internet in the country. This was because a single employment newspaper was not as far reaching as the internet today is and hence companies had to advertise in various newspapers and media houses.
Ideal Candidate: Even without the internet the companies used to advertise for their vacant job positions but finding an ideal candidate was tough because the screening procedure required them to go through the CV of each and every applicant while they called final candidates for the interview. This screening today is done by the job site professionals these days, saving valuable time of the company.
Benefits for the Candidates:
All Jobs at One Portal: Earlier, before the days of the internet, finding a job was tough because not every company gave advertisements related to job openings in all newspapers and hence missing out on an opportunity was not unusual for an applicant. Now, one can Search online Freshers Jobs in India or abroad with just a few clicks.
The Right Job For The Right Candidate: Online job sites today ask an applicant to upload his or her CV and contact details with them so that they can themselves contact the applicant when an opening that suits the candidate arises. This ensures that only the right candidates appear for the right position, and thus, the screening procedure is simplified.

Free of Cost: Another major advantage of an online Job Site in India is that it is free of cost for a job seeker. Hence, an applicant can be exposed to maximum job opportunities without spending a single penny. Job portals earn their revenues by either charging the companies for the database or through selling advertisements.
Job portals have changed the way in which search for jobs is now conducted in the country. While employment newspapers were the only resource before the advent of the internet, today many job forums are working successfully and helping applicants all around the country land ideal placements.

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