Friday, 10 March 2017

How to celebrate Eco-friendly Holi?

The festival of colors is here, are you planning to celebrate Holi this time? So far you have been celebrating Holi with your friends and family members in a usual way. Try to celebrate Holi in unique way and make your Holi special in the event that you commend it in an unexpected way, so that you can bring smiles on faces of many. In the meantime you can spread joy alongside the shades of Holi. pursued on to find out about how you can make Holi festivity one of a kind, loaded with bliss and happiness. There are some points help you to know how you can celebrate Holi in one of a kind way.

1)Celebrating Eco-friendly Holi 

This year on the occasion of Holi, you can plan to Celebrate this colorful festival by using eco-friendly colors. You can make eco-friendly colors using different fruits and flowers at home as well. However, eco-friendly colors are also available easily in market. Apart form that, you can also encourage others to play eco-friendly Holi by distributing eco-friendly colors one day before Holi. This will discourage them to buy chemical based colors.

2) Save Water 

Alongside celebrating eco-friendly Holi, you can also encourage people to waste water during Holi celebration. During the celebration of Holi water is squandered and as of now sparing water is an absolute necessity as we are as of now adapting to deficiency of water. Holi can also be played without water. If we use natural colors and play Holi without using water, we can achieve our goal of protecting nature and ourselves through eco-friendly Holi. So try to promote "Save Water" maximum this Holi and bear in mind to execute it without anyone else's input first.

3)Play ‘Phoolon ki Holi’

There are various cities, such as Pushkar and Lucknow where people play Holi with flower petals. If you realize the importance of eco-friendly Holi, opt for Phoolon ki Holi. One of the most commonly used flowers in Holi is Tesu. Interestingly, there are numerous health benefits of Tesu flowers, for example these stop nasal bleeding, and cure eye disorders. These flowers not only enhance your Holi celebration, but also take care of your skin as well as environment. One more effective use of Tesu flowers in Holi is that you can use these to form harmless water colors.


  1. Rang barse..Wishing all a very happy holi..holi hai..!!

  2. Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse
    Are kaine maari pichkaari tori bheegi angiya
    O rangrasia rangrasia, ho
    Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse...

    happy holi