Friday, 11 April 2014

Social Media – A Key Resource To Move You Career Forward

Today, social media sites have become an integral part of the recruiting process in many companies as it enables interactive dialogue and that is critical to building brands. We all know recruiters use social media to screen candidates on a daily basis to target the right kind of talent. The outsourcing of hiring candidates in India has suddenly woken up on the benefits of social media engagements and use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to have a clearer picture of prospective applicants. These networking sites work as channel engages existing and potential employees, to get good hires. Such networking sites are leveraging social on an even larger scale.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide a wealth of information and are being used a lot to screen job applicants, recruiters, These tools are used topostopenings and hire the potential candidates from the social networks of existing candidates, and generate valuable leads through social channels. Benefits of social media will embrace those who value the importance of social media and use it continuously to gains it advantage, as it is the best way to reach relevant candidates and top companies.

Facebook page presence is considered as an essential marketing tool to inform and engage existing and prospective talent on workplace practices. Twitter is meant for expressing opinions as it is a great way to beresponsiveand to deliver information fast and making connections at individual levels. LinkedIn is one of the most effective social networking site for professional connections for identifying potential employees and headhunters researching clients and candidates and competitive talent both for research and recruiting purposes.

So start looking for job opportunities or talented candidates at social media and consider it as an asset and you will soon find yourself much better equipped to build trust and dialogue with potential employers.

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