Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Way Ahead For India's New Government To Revive Growth

After the Lok Sabha elections, a new government will formed by next month but till then the hiring is seeing challenging times during this time. The job interview and hiring processes in sectors like banking, retail and infrastructure, will gain speed after the Lok Sabha Elections, but these have yet to translate to real offers. The job seekers and recruiters are impatient for the government in India for their new government policies and hope for the better future. When the election results are out in May 16, the waiting candidates will be interviewed to get on board. Job growth has slowed and infrastructure projects are caused to stop making progress because it has been said that the new government will change the growth of companies.
AK Agarwal, CEO, Autometers Alliance Limited, said, “One needs to divide hiring into two categories like routine hiring for ongoing business and hiring for future expansion and diversification. For companies which are largely dependent on government policies, the impact of elections may be limited on regular hiring. However, hiring for expansion plans must be put on hold by most of the companies as the elections are likely to throw up some unexpected results.”
Sanjay Kapoor, Director and CEO of Iris Corporate Solutions tells, “One such unexpected scenario was witnessed in 1977 when the Janata party formed the government. Companies like Coke, IBM etc had to shut their operations and leave India immediately. So I believe that companies should be extra cautious during these times as these situations are unpredictable.”
The whole affect of election will improve after the result and hiring will gain speed from June 2014.

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