Friday, 28 July 2017

5 Things Before Considering Job Switch for IT Pros

Hunting for the next job can be tricky for experienced IT professionals. This includes preparing for the interview, updating your resume and finding a right employer. 

When you are planning for a job switch, one of the most important things that you need to check is, do you have right skills to land your dream job. The lure of a perfect job at the fantastic company is too difficult to ignore. The job transformation may seem overwhelming in the beginning but, this shift can have a major impact on tech-related jobs. We have listed 5 things that you need to know before starting the job hunt.

1. Telecommuting vs Desk Job

The growing trend in IT is the telecommuting. With the vast number of collaboration tools, it has become possible for technical teams to collaborate and work remotely. There are tools to share voice, video, chat and even your monitor screen. However, some employers are discovering that telecommuting is the not the best fit for their needs. You must know if the perspective company allows telecommuting or not. If you are used to having the desk job, you can probably accept the same in the next company as well.

2. Certifications matter

IT certifications are the best way to prove your experience in a specific field. While there is no guarantee that the certification equates your practical technical skills, it at least proves that you have a deep interest in this specific area of IT. Many recruiters that do not come from a technical background look for well-known certification to help them assess the right skills for the job. 

3. Contract vs Direct Hire

Considering the growing dynamics of IT industry, companies are preferring contract positions over direct hires. The direct hire position can provide comfort and ease of mind but, contract opportunities, on the other hand, can offer flexibility. There is an opportunity to make more money than regular full-time positions. If you are skilled at what you do, contracts can be extended for years or even converted into full-time roles.

4. Demand

You must check what IT skills are in demand. For last two years, big data, DevOps roles are leading. While the demand for a traditional system administrator is declining, there is a chance for these professionals to learn skills in DevOps. You need to constantly check these trends and train yourself for relevant positions. 

5. Startup vs Established Organization

A startup could be an ideal place for some to work. The potential to learn from latest technologies is best in startups. Many job seekers are attracted to the fast-paced “work hard, play hard” culture. Having said that, if startup stays for long enough, they will start tightening policies to streamline the future growth. However, startups never stay startups for long. Well established companies can offer you the comfort of work, structured environment and work culture.

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