Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How to Write Freshers Resume To Get Career Change Job?

Don’t worry. On this blog you will find your answer related to resume issues. There are some useful tips for resume writing, Without experience resume is not a big deal to write. It's different from an ordinary resume. But it's easier to write by using good formatting.

Issues For Freshers Resume:

Core Issue: The core issue is a big deal to resume. Readers wants useful and easier document to check quality & ability. You must provide relevant information and simple format.

Employer Prospective: Always keep in mind that any employer has their own specific criteria. You must mention these criteria in full. If you don't address the criteria in a resume, Computer screen can reject your resume.

More Is Not Necessary: Quality and better in terms of the amount of text or formatting. Text and Formatting are in terms of amount. This amount shows quality. Include solid facts, without adornment, useful additional information, gives you a more chance.

  • Always think of the reader's needy. Format your resume in easy way.
  • Divide your resume into simple segments. This is useful for reader focus on specific information, Like - Qualification, Skill etc.
  • Allow space for your information. Don't try to cram things into space which are too small.

Freshers Resume Layout:
  • Name and Contact information header in large standard font. It looks easy to read.
  • Career Objectives - Keep this section brief & clear, don't include unnecessary content.
  • Qualification - Check to make sure you're providing all the information required and clearly define in terms of application requirements.
  • Technical Skill - This is a major checklist criteria for many technical candidates.
  • Mention relevant practical, experience - Projects, Related academic work and Internships.
  • Achievements - Define your achievements in a simple way.

Before Sending Resume Check Some Points
  • All employer, prospective criteria addressed or not?
  • Looks good or not?
  • Have you included all your high value information?